You can schedule your first Maestro Cleaners pickup on our website (, or you can give us a phone call : (818)817-2365. If you have any difficulties, feel free to e-mail us at – our team is always happy to help!

Maestro Cleaners arrives.

  • Our highly trained Valet arrives between 8am – 8pm.
  • You will receive a 45-minute reminder via SMS.

Maestro Cleaners picks up your clothes.

  • If you have any special instructions, let your Valet know.
  • Let your Valet know when you would like your clothes returned.

We take care of your clothes.

  • We provide full service garment care and also repair broken buttons for free.

We delivers your clothes.

  • If you need your clothes returned quicker, Dry Cleaning is available within 48 hours.
  • We will send you a text the morning of your scheduled delivery date to confirm we are coming that evening. If your delivery has not been scheduled yet, we will send you a text on your next route day to confirm your clothes are ready for delivery. 
  • Enjoy clean clothes. Enjoy amazing service. Enjoy peace of mind. 

Definitely. We have several customers who are not typically home between 8am and 6pm, but they could still use some help given their busy schedules.  For them, we offer “personless” pick-up and delivery.  What this means is that we will come by and pick-up or deliver your clothes without you having to be there.  The key is you need to make sure Maestro Cleaners has access to a safe place to keep your clothes.  Typically, this means you can buzz us into your apartment building remotely or can provide a door code, but every situation is different.

This is one of our favorite questions.  We are thrilled that you have enjoyed your experience at Maestro Cleaners enough to share the love with your friends.  The best way to tell your friends is to visit this page or contact us and mention that they were referred.  You will receive $25 in Maestro Cleaners credit for each friend you get to sign up for Maestro Cleaners. Once they complete their first transaction (they will also have $25 in Maestro Cleaners credit to get started thanks to you!).  We have found that the most effective ways to spread the word is by e-mailing your custom link directly to people you know could benefit from some clean clothes and peace of mind, or to share more broadly on Facebook or Twitter.